Pom Pom Pomeranian – “Unreturned Calls”

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“Unreturned Calls” is a story about the desperation of trying to get someone you love, in this case a family member, to be more responsive.  How do we tie ourselves up in personal relationships and what are our expectations?  It’s a good little story, less than a thousand words, and it might break your heart just a little bit.  

Pom-Pom-Pomeranian is a single issue zine published by Bank-Heavy Press out of Los Angeles California.  You can buy issues at $7 a piece, plus one dollar shipping and handling.  Super cheap.  And the offer stands: If you show me a copy of the magazine you have a choice – I will either sign your copy or you can hit me in the face with it.  I know it’s a difficult decision.  Click on the image to the right to make your purchase.

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Bank-Heavy’s mission statement:

Bank-Heavy Press has one major goal: to bring great poetry and fiction and art to print while building a community of creative people of all talents, ages, forms, and backgrounds. Poetry, fiction and art shouldn’t need to conform to any one type for recognition. We tear up at the sight and sounds of fresh, raw, energy in any shape or form.

So, here we are pulling road-kill from pavement and digging in trashcans to bring you what the corporations want to hide, the best stuff from the lowest and highest places to fill your minds with the art of everyone that is licking splinters and hugging rabid animals.

At Bank-Heavy Press we are quite fond of physical books made of paper (lots of paper), and we love getting intimate with trees before chopping them down for everyone’s reading pleasure. Each book touches our hands and is hugged by us, and sometimes kissed by us, and stapled together by us. We’re telling you this so that you know how much we care about each lil’ Bank-Heavy book-baby.

We have completed many anthologies and chapbooks and celebrate each and every book like it is our first. We publish quarterly anthologies of local (Long Beach area) writers and artists, as well as non-local creators. We also publish chapbooks and thoroughly enjoy putting together these books and feeding them to the word-hungry masses.

Print must not die!

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