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The story is “Beauty and the Bus.” It’s a charming little gem all about my penis, which puts me on par with the most hackneyed of all male writers – I can only go up from here (no pun intended). The magazine is Down in the Dirt.  Just Click here, and enjoy.

Also, you have several options when ordering the print edition of Down in the Dirt Magazine, containing my story “Beauty and the Bus.” The story appears in the 2011 anthology of Scars Publications’ contributors, as well as a a bevy of other Down in the Dirt compilations, which is pretty cool and I’m fucking stoked. People seem to be digging the bizarre and embarrassing crap that I’m willing to reveal about myself. Click the links below to find the order forms for any of these various Scars Publications.

Perfectly Imperfect

1000 Words

Bleeding Heart Cadaver

Down in the Dirt, Vol. 101

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Read the intro letter from Scars Publications editor, Janet Kuypers:

Hi there, from the new editor of Down in the Dirt… I wanted to formally say hello, and give you any information about the connection Down in the Dirt has always had to Scars Publications.

Let me start from the beginning… I (Janet Kuypers) have run Scars Publicaions since its inception in early 1993, shortly before the birth of the literary magazine Children, Churches and Daddies (byline: the UN-religious, NON-family oriented literary and art magazne). In 1994, cc&d magazine ran supplement sections occastionally inside, in a section called Down in the Dirt. As cc&d got more and more popular, we stopped this insert. But the logo design for Down in the Dirt was there, and when Scars Publications expanded in 2000 (with its own domain name, then eventually mp3 audio and the video additions), we considered starting Down in the Dirt as its own magazine (instead of having inserts in cc&d).

Now, I had enough on my plate, so I did not mind giving the reigns to Alexandria Rand for editing this publication. I gave her magazine templates and form letter responses from cc&d, and she ran Down in the Dirt for nearly a decade. When she decided that she wanted to step down as editor, I just could not let the magazine die (I mean really, it was an off-shoot of my magazine, by baby, so to speak, and it used my artwork and templates for design). So although it means more reading and more designing on my part, taking over as editor was something I could not pass up.

So I have done everything in my power to keep Down in the Dirt magazine just as Alexandria kept it running — it still combines poetry and prose, and (unlike cc&d, which separates the poetry and prose into different section) accepted material flows between styles throughout issues. And yes, as I write this letter months after taking over as editor (this letter was written toward the end of January in 2011), people still send submissions to Alexandria’s old email address (so yes, we still keep that email address open for people who only know of the old address for emailing submissions).

It has always been Scars Publications’ policy to not accept the same writing to both magazines, because all accepted writing appears under the author’s name in he writings section of and there cannot be repetition of accepted writings. But now, as the editor of both magazines, I get to read a greater variety of writings, and it is an honor to further immerse myself in the literary world with Scar Publications.

Thanks for being a part of Down in the Dirt, and let’s keep this magazine going for another decade!

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