Midwest Literary Magazine – “Eliza’s Body as Sacrament of the Grace I Sunk From”

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My story “Eliza’s Body as Sacrament of the Grace I Sunk From” originally appeared on page 61 of the September issue of Midwest Literary Magazine, which was titled “Broken Spades.”  This is a story that I love to this day, and that people really seemed to dig.  That might be at least in part due to the explicit and detailed pornography contained therein.  The story is a lamentation on a semi-functional relationship that didn’t ultimately pan out, but that coasted for a while on sex alone.  It’s also about a dumb kid who doesn’t have the slightest idea what he’s doing – either in bed, or in life.

There were some complications when publishing this story.  For example,the Midwest Literary Magazine did not read my cover letter closely, so my birth name was used rather than my pen name.  I attempted to inform the editor of this, and the mistake could have been amended before the release of the print journal, but I did not hear back from the staff.  They did not contact me when the story went live, nor when the print issue was released.  That was all right, because I really wanted this piece to see the light of day, and I highly doubt that any other publication would have taken a look at it.  So I remain grateful to Midwest Literary Magazine.  Nevertheless, it was due to business practices like this that the Midwest Literary Magazine began to receive some very bad press – mostly generated by justifiably disgruntled authors.  The magazine has since become defunct.  For quite a while after the closing of the publication, the story was still available to read or to purchase online, but alas, those links have inevitably closed as well.  Now if you attempt to visit the website, you will come across a garage door repair advertiblog.

Maybe the piece will one day be read again by human eyes.  Only time will tell.

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