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“The Gifts I Recieved” is a story that’s both hilarious and heartbreaking, and it’s about my relationship with my mother, and involves the most gut wrenching of all gift giving traditions. If you want to read the fruit of my labor, and don’t really feel like paying for it, that’s all right with me.  I’m not surveying the folks I know to find out which of them actually bought an issue.  No strong arming, I promise.  That in mind, if you click this link you will be directed to a story that will do no less than change your life – it will also make you lose or gain weight (which ever you prefer), grow or lose hair (which ever you prefer), impart the secret to happiness, and, if that doesn’t work, the secret to getting rich effortlessly, and, finally, the story will tell you how good you’re looking (and it won’t be putting you on).  

Update: Either way, you’re in the clear, as they’re no longer selling this issue in print.

Check out my write up on the Bookshop Santa Cruz website and feel free to let me know if anything has been left out of the Ben Leib bio – it doesn’t, for example, mention how handsome I am.

This magazine was, for a time, also found on the shelves of Logos Books & Records:

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They were also selling it at Bookshop Santa Cruz, too:

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About Scissors and Spackle:

We are artists, creators, and writers. But we are first readers; readers of newspapers, magazines, novels, and flash. Readers of poetry, memoir, and writing that defys conventional labels. When there is nothing else around we are sometimes readers of cereal boxes, catsup ingredient lists, and shampoo instructions. We are taking up space in Los Angeles, CA but are also from Bailey and Denver CO, Twenty Nine Palms and Atlanta, Northern Virginia and New Orleans.

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