Digital Americana – “The Best of the Terrible Lies”

You would have to spend some money to read this one, but it would cost you less than one dollar, which doesn’t seem too steep in today’s market. And the magazine looks amazing. “The Best of the Terrible Lies” is a story about a teenager who likes to tell lies. And he chooses to tell them in class. I’m proud to have it appear in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Digital Americana.

Digital Americana Magazine (DAM) is the world’s first literary & culture journal made for tablets. It’s ten parts literary and ten parts culture. If you like to read, why waste your money on other 99¢ magazines or apps when you could already be reading DAM? We love what we do and we hope that you do to.

The issue that my piece appears in is titled Arise.  It is the Spring/Summer issue of Digital and can be purchased in print.

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About Digital Americana:

Digital Americana crosses the literary arts with American culture and a state-of-the-art publishing mindset. Since 2010, it has functioned as an independent & interactive journal of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art, & criticism. Digital Americana seeks to publish writers and artists that have showcased a unique American sensibility, experience, or theme in their work.

The first version of the Digital Americana Magazine (DAM 1.0) app was accepted into and released amongst the first-round of iPad App Store apps (available on launch-day of the first iPad 4/2010) — earning the distinction of being of the first magazines made for tablet devices, and the first literary magazine made explicitly for the iPad. In April 2011, we completely redesigned the app, adding new features such as in-app purchasing, and began to also offer issues in print (via MagCloud). In May 2012 we became part of Apple’s Newsstand store (DAM 2.0). In early October 2012 we introduced a new interactive “redact” function to our redesigned iPad app (DAM 3.0) with the release of our Fall—2012 Redact issue. With this “redact” toolset readers are able to create erasure poetry instantly from any page of any issue in the app. During this time we also relaunched the design & functionality of our iPhone magazine app, by creating a completely custom vertical layout that enhances the experience of reading an issue, which runs on a device that fits in the palm of your hand. Our Fall—2012 issue was the first issue to be formatted this way.

In all aspects of our mission: of the art, literary content, culture, design, and journalism featured within our pages—our hope for Digital Americana is that it will be seen as the sum of its parts—a uniquely modern and American experience.
Issues are currently released seasonally. Submission guidelines can be found here. Recent news & press can be found here.

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