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Hello lovely friends.  I am happy to announce that my short piece, “The Brave Man who Lives in my Gullet Whispers,” has just been released in issue 52 of Mosaic Art and Literary Magazine.  Despite the fact that this story is another schlock effort – thinly veiled autobiography, dense with sex and drugs – I think it’s one of my best – I may say that often, but in this case the sentiment is genuine.  I had been waiting for a publication to pick this one up for a while, and I believed all along that it was a story with more merit than most of what I end up writing.  I am honored that Mosaic accepted the piece, and that this story is appearing alongside the work of a selection of brilliant authors.  The story is about cowardice in so many of its manifestations.  It elaborates the measures that a man might take in pursuit of what he wants, while concurrently sabotaging his own every effort.  I think that it’s one of my best, a story worth reading.

Mosaic - Collage copy

Luckily, the folks at Mosaic Art and Literary agree with me.  The piece came out in issue 52 of the magazine, and can be purchased directly from the publishers.  If you’d like to purchase a book, please email your request to, and send a check to their mailbox ($10 + $3 for shipping). Recipient of check should read: UCR Creative Writing Department, Mosaic.  They will then mail the book to you.  If purchasing more than one issue, the shipping will go up.  In that case, let them know, and they will calculate the total.

Or, if you live in the Riverside area and can come to campus, you can schedule an appointment via email and stop by our office (INTN 4002).  Notice: Since Mosaic is a student-run organization, we will not be selling books during the summer between June 15 and October 1. Please keep these dates in mind.

Mailing Address:
Student Life, 229 HUB (Mosaic Club)
University of California Riverside
900 University Ave. 
Riverside, CA 92521


About Mosaic:

Mosaic is an art and literary journal based at the University of California, Riverside.  It is undergraduate-run and publishes one volume per year since it began as a group of poets in 1958. Today, it has expanded to create a home not only for poets but all writers, musicians, and artists. Mosaic accepts a wide variety of creative work from the public and hosts community outreach events, including its popular Open Mics, through a Gluck Fellowship. Everyone is welcome to attend and/or participate.

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