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Sliver of Stone – “La Adivinación”

Well, things still manage to be published, and I am extremely proud of the story, “La Adivinación,” which currently appears in the 16th issue of Sliver of Stone. The story is about a somewhat clueless American tourist who winds up getting to know a Chilanga mystic. It’s about the stories that bring us meaning and define us.

Sliver of Stone Screen Grab

Our Mission

Sliver of Stone is a nonprofit online literary magazine. Our mission is to provide for a web-based environment for outstanding literary fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art from around the globe. We want to expand the influence of these genres beyond their traditionally academic audiences.

We take special pride in the editorial aspect, offering suggestions and critiques for the submissions that we feel need and deserve that “extra push” toward publication. While we do not take ourselves too seriously, we scorn cliché, lack of craft, or craft over substance.

We invite submissions of unpublished or (exceptional) previously-published works which have not appeared online and for which the rights belong to the author. No unsolicited manuscripts, pleas

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Black and White Magazine, Red Ochre Press – “Je Vais Bien”

Red Ochre Lit - Banner - jpegRed Ochre Lit - Black and White - cover - cropped

I am so pleased to announce my most recent publication.  The story is titled “Je Vais Bien,” and the periodical is Black and White – one of the amazing journals being published out of Red Ochre Press.

The story is a gem.  It’s about a man who traps himself so deeply in a web of lies that he doesn’t see any escape. It’s a street wandering story, because there are times at which, faced with nothing else to invest one’s time in, the only thing to do is simply go outside and pretend that you have a destination.

Unfortunately, the most recent update is that Red Ochre Lit has gone defunct, and the publication is no longer available for purchase. Which I feel is so unfortunate, because not only was the publication releasing quality literature, but the declared politics of the publishers were commendable.

Red Ochre Lit - Banner - jpegAbout RED OCHRE PRESS:

“It is a mysterious and complicated business, bringing together muscles and brain, memory and desire, and a rhythm of motions and subconscious impulses…No wonder most good writers approach writing with just a twinge of terror in their bones.”  –Richard Marius
RED OCHRE PRESS exists as a publishing house and a community advocate for all things literary. We publish premier, contemporary literature. This includes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews & essays. While our primary goal is to showcase the work of experienced authors, we feature emerging writers as well. A multicultural organization, we venerate voices from around the world, taking pride in writers whose work is both innovative and captivating.

This press was founded on the belief that reading and writing are becoming dying pastimes. In a world where people choose daily to flip through 1,000 channels instead of pages, writers must perfect their work and present it via widely accessible media venues. First and foremost, however, we, as writers, must lose our fear of rejection and submit polished pieces for publication.

Truly, this represents the crux of RED OCHRE LiT, BLACK&WHITECATEGORY 2, and ROLiT NEWS, resoiling the grains of our literary ancestors and what they worked so hard for.

To really drive this notion home, RED OCHRE PRESS offers a number of local workshops to help writers refine their literary crafts. We have groups geared for youths and adults. Our FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMS not only usher writers into their creative zones, but also takes them through an actual publication journey. Students mold their skills, creating powerful literature as they build a readership. This is paramount in a writer’s literary universe and it is key to reviving the world’s interest in reading.

You will also be thrilled to learned about our new REVIEW & PROMOTION SERVICES. Learn how RED OCHRE PRESS can help in your publication journey. We review manuscripts, offer editorial suggestions to strengthen  pieces, and help to promote your work!

SIDE NOTE: RED OCHRE LiT & BLACK&WHITE are currently accepting submissions and we invite you to read our past archives and SUBMIT your work!

Lastly, monetary donations help maintain a foundation for our works, all of which are printed. We ask that you participate in our KEEP RED OCHRE ALIVE CAMPAIGN

Cheers to yet another wave of writing!

Until next time,


Mimi Ferebee is the editor-in-chief of RED OCHRE PRESSoverseeing the publication of RED OCHRE LiT, ROLiT NEWS, and BLACK&WHITE.
While originally from California, she resides in Virginia with husband, Melvin, and son, Melthias Jai.

A graduate of the College of William and Mary, she received degrees in both English (emphasis in Creative Writing and Literature) and Psychology (emphasis in Behavioral and Developmental Science).

She recently retired a career as a clinical therapist to pursue her primary passions of writing and editing full-time. When not working on completing her novel “In the Distant Marshes” and various other literary projects, she diligently works to complete applications for doctoral programs. She wants to obtain a PhD in English Literature.

Mimi also works with at-risk youth, refining their reading and composition skills. She spends many evenings in detention centers and twice as many weekend mornings at libraries working with this population. She prides herself on being an advocate for her students, helping them not only perceive, but achieve their potential.

Her literary work has been featured recently in several journals, magazines and reviews, including Onè? Respè!Contemporary World Literature, Decanto Magazine (United Kingdom), Both Sides Now, Flutter Poetry Journal, Leaning House Press, Caper Literary Journal, ChickenBones: A Journal, Menopause Press, Taj Mahal Review (India), Black Magnolias Literary Journal Houston Literary Review. 

Look for upcoming publications in the award-winning journals, African American Review and phati’tude Literary Magazine. She will also have features in the revered Obsidian: Literature in the African Diaspora, James Dickey Review, Reverie: Midwest African American Literature, Pirene’s Fountain, among others.

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