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Black Market Review – “The Staging Ground”

Black Market Review - Collage copyBlack Market Review - Collage copy

Hello friends.  I have some good news.  Another story has been published and is available to read for free online.  The story is titled “The Staging Ground” and is about bad neighbors and the problems that they cause me.  I mean, these neighbors were really assholes.  And the entire feud takes place in or around the laundry room.  I mean, seriously, fuck them.  Why wouldn’t they let me do my laundry in peace.  And I was an agoraphobic level shut in, so it was a match made in hell.  I really like this story and am proud to announce that The Black Market Review has picked it up.

The Black Market Review is edited exclusively by Creative Writing undergraduate and postgraduate students at Edge Hill University.  Thank you for the opportunity BMR.

Black Market Review operated out of Edge Hill University, but most recent visits to the site seem to indicate that the publication has become defunct. I am happy that “The Staging Ground” currently lives on the site’s archives and hope that it continues to do so indefinitely.  Edge Hill’s campus address is St Helen’s Rd, Ormskirk, Lancashire L39 4QP, United Kingdom.   Here’s to intercontinental publication credits.  Thank you, UK!

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