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Foliate Oak – “Long Rides and the Things We Ran From”

Foliate Oak Banner

All right my beautiful friends, another of my stories was published. The story is titled “Long Rides and the Things We Ran From,” and was featured on the homepage of the Foliate Oak website. It is an essayistic piece outlining my general ethos about bus travel, and the discomfort inherent in that particular mode of transit.  I’ve spent more time on buses that most, and this piece culled from that experience. I am quite proud of it. Unfortunately, while the story was archived for years as an addition to the September 2011 issue on the Foliate Oak website, they had to trim the fat when updating their website, and were unable to retain four years of archives, which is sad but understandable.  They now have a new webpage, and the publication is alive and well.

Foliate Oak Homepage

Foliate Oak Logo

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Windmills – “Wake Up Calls”

Windmills - Collage - Horizontal - 3 copy

Another story is available in print… In Australia!!!  “Wake Up Calls” is the name of this newly published story.  It’s about this time that my buddy almost died from a severe diabetic low blood sugar, and involves seizures and wooden spoons.  Windmills is a little magazine published through the Deakin University Student Writing Group.  There is something absolutely lovely about receiving a little envelope from the other side of the world with a magazine in it, and knowing that a group of students sat around a table together, read my story, and concurred “This is good enough for our publication.”

You can query about ordering a magazine at the email address: words@deakin.edu.au, but as of now, the website is defunct.

Words@Deakin is a group of Deakin University students in Literary Studies and Creative Writing at the Waurn Ponds campus, working together with two staff members, Dr Maria Takolander and Associate Professor David McCooey.

Windmills - Collage - Horizontal - 3 copy

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The Stone Hobo – “After the Fall”

“After the Fall” is a story about the feeling you get when someone you think you love doesn’t notice you despite all of the spectacular things that you do deserving of notice.  Well, maybe this isn’t a feeling that you get, but it’s something I experience regularly.  It’s also about being young – the petty dramas of fresh adulthood, and the incredible luck that the young seem to possess as well.  I am proud of this piece.  It was one of the earliest short stories that I tackled and my gratitude goes out to Morgan Spiller for helping me to edit the piece.

“After the Fall” was originally accepted by a lovely little online publication by the name of Stone Hobo.  In fact, this was one of the earlier stories published on their website.  I watched their publication grow slowly, and an evolution in the appeal of their site was taking place as well.  Unfortunately, like so many up and coming publications, Stone Hobo went defunct after about two years in existence.  Their site is no longer active, and the domain name seems to be back up for grabs. I hope that this story is readable again sometime, but for now it will rest happily in the greatest obscurity it has enjoyed thus far.

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Pom Pom Pomeranian – “Unreturned Calls”

Pom Pom Pomeranian - banner

“Unreturned Calls” is a story about the desperation of trying to get someone you love, in this case a family member, to be more responsive.  How do we tie ourselves up in personal relationships and what are our expectations?  It’s a good little story, less than a thousand words, and it might break your heart just a little bit.  

Pom-Pom-Pomeranian is a single issue zine published by Bank-Heavy Press out of Los Angeles California.  You can buy issues at $7 a piece, plus one dollar shipping and handling.  Super cheap.  And the offer stands: If you show me a copy of the magazine you have a choice – I will either sign your copy or you can hit me in the face with it.  I know it’s a difficult decision.  Click on the image to the right to make your purchase.

Pom Pom Pomeranian - collage copy

Bank-Heavy’s mission statement:

Bank-Heavy Press has one major goal: to bring great poetry and fiction and art to print while building a community of creative people of all talents, ages, forms, and backgrounds. Poetry, fiction and art shouldn’t need to conform to any one type for recognition. We tear up at the sight and sounds of fresh, raw, energy in any shape or form.

So, here we are pulling road-kill from pavement and digging in trashcans to bring you what the corporations want to hide, the best stuff from the lowest and highest places to fill your minds with the art of everyone that is licking splinters and hugging rabid animals.

At Bank-Heavy Press we are quite fond of physical books made of paper (lots of paper), and we love getting intimate with trees before chopping them down for everyone’s reading pleasure. Each book touches our hands and is hugged by us, and sometimes kissed by us, and stapled together by us. We’re telling you this so that you know how much we care about each lil’ Bank-Heavy book-baby.

We have completed many anthologies and chapbooks and celebrate each and every book like it is our first. We publish quarterly anthologies of local (Long Beach area) writers and artists, as well as non-local creators. We also publish chapbooks and thoroughly enjoy putting together these books and feeding them to the word-hungry masses.

Print must not die!

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Scholars and Rogues – “Peripheral Adventures”

Scholars and Rogues - Collage - Vert2 copyThe story is titled “Peripheral Adventures.”  I wrote it one night after a particularly strange evening, and it was kind of a lark when I came up with it.  But then I submitted it to Scholar and Rogues, and am happy to say that they accepted the piece.  It’s about a dude who’s so drunk that he is no longer able to take care of himself – a frame of mind that I can relate to and know too well.  The piece appeared on the homepage of the journal on November 9th, and is now available in its archives .  Also, if you get to the end of the story, the last word of the piece is “Adventure.”

I’m stoked to have a story appearing on Scholars and Rogues’ website.  This is a rad little publication, disseminating primarily left wing journalism, and I’d like to think that my little story fits right in.  In their words – Scholars & Rogues is a diverse band of thinkers, social analysts, activists, grousers, jesters, and troublemakers. We’re all different in a variety of ways, but we share a general belief in progress, a conviction that smarter is better, and a passionate distaste for convention.

S&R isn’t a current news site and we’re not a typical political blog (although that’s how we started out back in 2007). There are some fantastic sites out there where you can get quick, first-on-the-scene takes, and if you explore the blogroll you’ll see what we mean. We’re more like the editorial desk. We see our mission as comment, analysis, informed opinion, deep insight. We try to figure out what things mean, and in passing that perspective on to our readers we hope to foster a greater tendency toward critical thinking in society. Many of us are convinced that if you take care of the society’s cultural spheres, the politics will take care of themselves.


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